Two Men Shot, House Burnt, As Gang Warfare Erupts in Water House

Fire on King Street

Jamaica News, Montego Bay: Firefighters from the Montego Bay Freeport Fire Station were called to a massive fire at the entrance of Albion Lane and King Street in Montego Bay on Saturday afternoon, May 19.

Our News team attempted to get a report on what could have started the blaze, however, there were conflicting reports.

It was further understood that two children were in the two-storey board structure when the fire started and they were rescued by neighbors. Some residents speculate that the children may have been playing with matches or lighter, which might have resulted in the ignition of flames.

Councilor Richard Vernon (center) speaks with a fire victim who lost everything

Several residents from nearby communities gather to observe the blazing Inferno. Councillor Richard Vernon of the Montego South was on location to meet with some of the Fire victims. The Councillor says he will do his best to assist the victims in whatever way possible.

The building housed six tenants, and damage is estimated to run over a million dollars.


By Alan Lewin

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