Farmer’s Charred Remains Found in Manchester  

Jamaica News, Manchester: The Christiana Police in the parish of Manchester say they are still carrying out investigations into the circumstances surrounding the origin of a fire, which claimed the life of a farmer in the parish between Tuesday, April 24th to Friday, April 27th.

The investigators also pointed out that they are presently awaiting a post-mortem examination result to determine if the victim was actually burnt to death.

The dead farmer has been identified as, 38-year-old David Blake of a Craighead District also in Manchester.

Reports by the police are that, Blake who resides alone was last seen alive on Tuesday, April 24, by residents in the Craighead community.

On Friday morning, April 27, residents started to get suspicious after they did not see or hear from him in two days, so they went to his house to investigate.

After reaching Blake’s one apartment concrete-structured house, the residents discovered that it was completely destroyed by fire.

The Christiana Police were summoned and upon arrival, they carried out an investigation and discovered the farmer’s charred remains underneath the burnt rubbles of the burnt-out house.

The scene was processed and the body later removed.  The police say they are not ruling out arson or foul play in this latest incident.


By Henry Bucknor

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