Fans Call Out Jada Kingdom For ‘Misgendering’ Koffee As Jahmiel’s ‘Brother’

Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom was under fire for comments made on Twitter, where she was perceived to be questioning Koffee’s gender in one of her usual cheekily written posts.

In a Tweet yesterday, Jada Kingdom asked, “Koffee and Jahmiel a bredda?” suggesting the two Jamaican artistes could be ‘brothers’ because of their choices of dress, dreadlocks, and similar postures in some photos.

However, it appears that Kingdom didn’t anticipate the backlash and deleted the Tweet, replacing it with pictures of her carefully made-up face and enticing shape in subsequent submissions.

Fans, though called out the WiN artiste for what they say were hypocritical comments about Koffee, even though she, two weeks ago, disclosed that she was bisexual.

A fan-made photo collage of Koffee and Jahmiel.

One fan noted, “…really sat in that auditorium two prides ago listen Jada Kingdom for the first time and thinking she …you know. Only fe hear she Jada been problematic.” @ji_er684, noted.

In an Instagram Live video two weeks ago Jada disclosed that “yes, I am bisexual,” as she addressed rumours made by another woman about her.

One Twitter commenter questioned, “now why yuh a misgender Koffee?”, while another said, “Mi nuh know why Jada kingdom thought this was acceptable kmt she need fi guh rest.”

One commenter said, “I saw her post something on Instagram advocating for artists of various identities that included explicit support for queer people. Which, of course, is not enough to come to a conclusion about allyship, let alone identity so I made a whole lot of assumptions…”

Koffee, who recently released her new single Lockdown, left some Twitter users insinuating that the music video is a “lesbian anthem,” with many questioning to her sexuality. The Grammy-award winner is considered Jamaica’s sweetheart, and many of her fans came to her defence.

@duttybangtan said, “you can’t get a #1 in Jamaica on streaming platforms and you wana misgender Koffee??? KOFFEE?????”

Koffee’s Lockdown, released just a week ago, has recorded 6 million views on YouTube while Kingdom’s WiN released three days ago has racked up 432k views, and is clearly a favourite among Kingdom’s fans.

Koffee released another song called Pressure, today.


Source: Dancehallmag

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