Mavado Reveals Real Reason For Beef In New Drake & Popcaan Diss Track ‘Enemy Line’

Canadian rapper Drake has put himself behind enemy lines and has taken the Unruly Boss Popcaan with him. Dancehall deejay Mavado returned a ‘dark’ diss track called Enemy Line yesterday, and he dishes on what might be the real reason for the beef between the two former friends, not just ‘burnt bridges’ over a failed project in Jamaica that Drake eluded to in Only You Freestyle.

The Weh Dem Ah Do singer, yesterday, also issued an Instagram post with the release that addressed Drake.  “Suh yuh wa be like wi, and try style the thing. Remember this. Dancehall a mi play ground, Dancehall is my job,” he wrote in the caption.

Mavado continued, “I’ve been a superstar over 15yrs and created countless hit songs in my genre while developing my unique singjay style of which The new generation is all about today solidifying the craft. You are not from Dancehall. You have no Power in Dancehall n everybody know who introduce you to Dancehall so don’t feel like you can come disrespect Gully take that out you brain n don’t dweet [do it] again.”

What Drake did was to throw subliminal disses at the Gully Gad in a freestyle last week, apparently over his $25,000 donation to an unfinished library on the island, and their now ‘burnt’ friendship. Whether or not he had intended on dissing Mavado, the MVP deejay took things personally and initially clapped back in an Instagram post two days later.  Now, he has followed up with the diss track, Enemy Line, flexing his gun skills and slick silver-tongue.

The first thing he says is that ‘dem’ put themselves behind ‘enemy lines’ before unleashing his grimly intentions.  Those intentions include “gunshot inna bwoy we nuh greet and hug up,” a likely reference to Drake and Popcaan’s close friendship, which they put on display whenever they meet up.

Popcaan and Drake

“Bullet to yuh face and nuh bwoy cant resuscitate. Dem haffi charge me for murder or aggravate, every blood**t gun contaminate. Forensic haffi draw di tape nuttn nuh animate…” are just a snippet of the murderous bars that followed.

Then he calls out his nemesis in the verse, “Tell soft and fake likkle sheep, like Mormon, die trying but you will never be a yard man,” which sounds a lot like Drizzy.

Drake comes from a strong Christian Jewish background, so he’s not exactly Mormon. But he has certainly been showing a craving for Dancehall, i.e. ‘yard man’ music and has even been pinned as a ‘culture vulture’ for frequently borrowing from a genre and a subculture he can’t really claim to be a part of.

Mavado outlines his target(s) even further by adding, “Wait, yuh nuh see say dem head man fi buss, catch him pon a yacht bout dem a play Candy Crush.”

These yachtsmen we know for sure as Drake and Popcaan since they made such a spectacle on social media during their recent vacation in Barbados last week. The two were seen partying and living it up aboard a snazzy looking yacht with a bunch of friends during the trip.

And finally, the Top Shotta addresses Drake again towards the end of the track and seemingly confirms rumors that suggest the real reason for the beef might be a woman.   The rumors speculated that back when Drake and Mavado were friends, the Jamaican deejay moved on one of the females, which the rapper had brought to the island for the Find Your Love video shoot in 2010.

Mavado believes Drake is still salty about that, all these years later. “Him still a carry feelings fi gyal a gi me foul play, Me tek a fuck and den me cut it neva,” he sings.

Strangely enough, it was Drake who was chasing after Mavado’s “girl,” model/stripper Maliah Michel, in the Find Your Love video.   Drake was abducted by Mavado and his underlings in the video, which ended with the deejay handing the gun to Maliah with the order to finish him.

Michel, who hails from Houston, Texas, was also referenced in Drake’s Miss Me (2010) when he rapped, “Someone tell Maliah I’m on fire, she should work tonight.”

Drake and Michel were romantically linked in 2010 and, in 2017, he tried to “retire” the now 35-year-old stripper and dancer, but she would have none of it.  Despite the bad blood that developed between them, she had something very complimentary to say about the rapper’s D a few months later.

Enemy Line was produced by Gego Don Records on the Vietnamese Riddim, which also includes Dawg Dem by IntenceDead Xample by Jahmiel, and Stay Real by I Waata.  Alkaline and Jahvillani also appear on the riddim with yet to be released tracks.

Listen below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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