Denyque Shares Inspirational Message After Near-Death Delivery Of Second Child

Dancehall songstress Denyque in an uncloaked Instagram post indicated that she had experienced an almost near death experience, after safely delivering her second child, Dylan Drew Mullings.

Last Sunday evening, the Make Me Believe You artiste recounted a life changing event that could have potentially taken her last breath, known as placenta accreta.

This condition is a high-risk pregnancy complication that occurs when the placenta grows deeply into the uterine wall, leaving medical experts no other option than to remove it themselves.

“4 Monday’s ago on March 9, 2020 my daughter drew took her first breath & I almost to my last,” the artiste said in an Instagram post to almost 400 thousand followers.

The voluminous post is an inspirational stirring account of her struggles between giving life and possibly losing hers in the process, and has attracted the attention of thousands around the world, calling her a powerhouse for women empowerment.

What she had anticipated to be a smooth sailing delivery, turned quickly in an unexpected situation leading to the cessation of one of her most important organs.

“I lost 4.8L of blood. What was supposed to be a regular C-Section, quickly turned into a Caesarian Hysterectomy. In order to save my life, my uterus/womb had to be removed,” she shared.

Being candor for the first time in public, she declared that she was compelled to share her story with the universe, while expressing her gratitude to be alive today.

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“I never share my personal experiences in a public space, but I felt moved to this time. This was God & his universe in motion & I am thankFULL to be here today… to continue to share this space with you, to have my incredible husband, my two children, my unbreakable family & the greatest friends,” she said.

Denyque’s turbulent message has since then evoked a backstory with a compelling arc of woman empowerment, breaking stereotypes and allowing more women to share their untold intimate stories.


Source: Dancehallmag

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