Vybz Kartel Responds To Mr. Vegas’ Disappointment Over Treatment Of ‘Lizard’

On the heels of the announcement of the loss of Vybz Karel’s appeal, fans and commentators alike are commenting/ voicing/ posting their two and three cents on the issue.

In 2014 Adidja ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of associate Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams. Comments have not only addressed the issue of Kartel’s lost appeal, but persons have also commented in support of or disagreement with recent statements supposedly made by the alleged mother of Lizard.

After all was said and done, only one comment was worthy to draw a response from the Worl’ Boss’ official Instagram account.

Clifford Smith, better known as Mr. Vegas, longtime dancehall reggae artiste (who is now a Christian) also weighed in on the matter. A matter a fact, Vegas did not ‘wipe his mouth a grung’.

It seems Mr. Vegas was taken aback by the inhumane way in which Lizard is being regarded. Mr. Vegas’ conclusion would have been drawn from comments made suggesting that since Lizard was a lawless murderer and that nothing is wrong if he was also murdered.

He found such statements to be disappointing, saying in an Instagram video “Mi find dem talk dem very disappointing… when yu reach a certain status inna life and troubled youth come round yuh, yuh have a responsibility to try curve them, yah’ve a responsibility fi my yute mi nuh waan yuh a bus nuh gun…”

Of course, at the very mention of the World Boss’ name, some sort of reaction would be sparked, and indeed there was a response. Whether from Kartel himself or maybe those who manage his account since his cell was raided for contraband cellphones last week. The response statement said…

“Da bredda yah still exist?   first of all I’ve made so many youths into millionaires, both in and out of music, plus ive given much more my parents, sisters brothers and other relatives and personal friends. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, MY CHILDREN WORSHIP AND ADORE ME! And all me baby mada dem reapect me as a REAL MAN WHO LOVES HIS KIDS so I dont need validation from wahaed up celebs or from a society so criminsl, the CIA consistently ranks it so criminal, the corruption index, ita a wonder we haven’t floated to the clouds.   #gazanation ya hear me 12,000 + jcans have been murdered since september 30, 2011 but dem a worry bout kartel   f….n dunce unuh.impressionable little brainwashed butu and dunce like unuh gwan buy into the illusion..#GAZANATION”

Whilst it is not confirmed if Kartel himself wrote the response, what can be confirmed is that the leading dancehall artitse remains behind bars and possibly intends to pursue his appeal all the way to the privy council.


Source: Dancehallmag

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