Aidonia Releases New Album ‘Dats A Trap’ On His Earth Strong: Listen

The 4th Genna Boss Aidonia has gone above and beyond to treat his fans on his Earth Strong this year. What we know as his greatest gift (his music) arrived yesterday April 6th in the fixings of a mixtape containing 17 tracks that the deejay has described as traphall music.

This is a new gen fusion of hip-hop’s trap beats and dancehall rhythms:

  1. Numero Uno
  2. Clean & Trendy
  3. Finessing
  4. VVS
  5. DM
  6. Bad Bitch
  7. Emotions
  8. Let’s Never End
  9. Bounce Up On It
  10. Some Cuddle Shit
  11. Up On The Moon
  12. 365 Nights
  13. Trappin
  14. Friends Or Enemies
  15. Real Killa
  16. Thompson
  17. Kit Kat Bars

Today in an interview with The Star, the Fi Di Jockey deejay in regards to the mixtape said, “It’s finally out now, on my ‘strong (birthday). It’s been a while. Fans have been asking about it since the first day I mentioned it, over two years ago.”

While many fans lost hope in the prolific entertainer, having been pretty quiet in the interim, many stayed enthusiastic for the upcoming release. Aidonia’s Twitter page is exploding with excitement and praises, along with numerous followers also tagging the artiste in mention of their favorite track/s.

On both Twitter and Instagram, he even posted how the well the album was doing, having been debuted on iTunes just a day ago and reaching the #3 spot on the Reggae Album Charts, where Legend: The Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers and Gold: Bob Marley and Wailers took the #1 and #2 spots respectively. A very impressive feat indeed, the flattered 4th Genna leader captioned his victory “Give thanks!!! #3 and moving up”.

The entries of the mixtape exudes a new sound from the deejay, all the tracks are consistent with the readjustments of the traphall musical synchronies throughout. In true Aidonia style, there are his vivid gyalis tunes, namely DM, Some Cuddle Shit, Bounce Up On It, Bad Bitch, Finessing and love songs Let’s Never End and Emotions. Then of course several gun tracks Thompson, Real Killa and Numero Uno.

Aidonia - Datz Ah Trap Movie (Episode #1)

The mixtape comes complete with a few cash flossing tunes, like VVS and 365 Nights and others compliment of one of his favorite pass times (getting high), e.g. Up On The Moon which was included and reinforced in the music video for the Datz Ah Trap Movie, Episode 1.

All the tracks are pretty laid back and easygoing; his lyrical dexterity is more on display for your listening pleasure. Buckle up for an hour long listen of all the tracks combined and check out the Dats a Trap Mixtape below on Apple Music or here.


Source: Dancehallmag

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