Aidonia Net Worth 2020: How Much Did The Dancehall Superstar Make This Year?

He first rose to the top of the charts with his hit song Lolly. But the man born Sheldon Lawrence, and known to the dancehall world as Aidonia, has made quite a bit of money over the course of his career. And even with Coronavirus, dancehall artists are learning to make their money in creative ways.

But how much is Aidonia’s net worth in 2020?

Even though Aidonia didn’t become active on the dancehall scene until 2004, he has spent the last fifteen years inspiring dancehall fans with his unique musical sound and stylings.

Let’s take a look at how that has paid off for him in 2020 and beyond.

Aidonia Net Worth 2020
The 38-year-old dancehall superstar has made almost $5 million in 2020 alone. He has made this exclusively from the sales of his songs. 2020 has proven a difficult year for many artists, including Aidonia, to go on tour thanks to Coronavirus. However, his strong following has purchased his music and helped to keep the creative juices flowing.

Aidonia’s name comes from the first letters of his middle name (Aitana) and his basketball nickname (Donia). Unlike many dancehall artists, Aidonia didn’t come from a musical family: his father was a soldier, and his mother was a schoolteacher. But he became inspired to go into the music business after watching the legendary showdown between Beenie Man and Bounty Killer. So, after he was expelled from school, he took the first steps to become a prominent dancehall artiste.

Aidonia kicked off his career in earnest in 2003, when he teamed up with Mr. G (who was going by the name “Goofy” at the time) to record his first song, “Many A Dem.” And while the song was, certainly, a success, it wasn’t a breakthrough success like his follow-up hit would become.

In late 2004, Aidonia broke through to the mainstream when he teamed up with Cordell “Skatta”‘ Burrell to record the classic track, “Lolly.” The song became best known for appearing on Skatta’s Irish Dance Riddim compilation, and threw Aidonia into the mainstream, where he has remained ever since.

Today, Aidonia is one of the most popular artists in dancehall today.

Aidonia’s Latest Album Drop
The wait is over for devoted dancehall fans, as Aidonia’s latest album, Dats A Trap, dropped yesterday. The drop was announced by DJ Matt Camps, who took to his eponymous station to announce that Aidonia dropped this long-awaited new album, much to the delight of his fans.

Aidonia took it a step further with DJ Matt Camps, and he not only recorded a drop for the DJ, but he sent over dubs and gave a world premiere of his new track with the acclaimed record-scratcher. To say that the fandom went crazy would be an understatement, and the album is well on its way to being a classic.

Dats A Trap marked the first new album from Aidonia since his 2015 hit release, Project Sweat. And with the guaranteed success of his newest release, it’s no wonder that Aidonia will not only have a high net worth in 2020 and beyond, but his success will grow beyond his wildest dreams.


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