TeeJay Lights Vendetta Mask On Fire In New Lyric Video For ‘Bing Bing’: Listen

This is a great time for dancehall artiste TeeJay to release whatever tracks he has sitting in the archives but he might want to dig deeper for something with a little more zest. Both Up Top and Vendetta fans are sitting on the edge of their seats in high anticipation to hear some semblance of a diss towards Alkaline.

The two have had an ongoing feud for some time now but Alkaline seemingly reignited the fire recently when he shot disses towards TeeJay and Pocaan in his latest single Monopoly over a week ago. Alkaline assertively ridiculed the two for being bad man imposters.

So imagine the disappointment when TeeJay’s latest track Bing Bing dropped with no such direct regard for Alkaline save for the animation of a Vendatta mask being burnt in a trash can in the lyric video. Though, it does look like the Up Top Boss is bolstering his bad man image before laying out any such direct disses.

Bing Bing follows his other track Better Them Than Me that he debuted just 4 days ago. Both songs resound tightly wound messages of threat and the deejay portraying him self to be this tough coldblooded assassin. While he dishes out a relentless stream of bad man rhymes he has yet to name names or point fingers.

The Bing Bing track, which is produced by D’Ultimate Dream Team Entertainment, takes listeners on a ride along with the Up Top Boss. He runs the place, going to various locations to carry out his murderous exploits from there he sings “Bing bing bing bing bing bing, yeah mi money tall, what a sin. Ting ting ting ting ting and mi diamond a drip in a mi watch … 24k pon e gold mi a rock, make the money dats a rap…” Presumably collecting all his cash and gains in the aftermath.

The reaction from fans are loading in on TeeJay’s YouTube page, some are basking in his crafty yet diss-less lyrics, reciting their favorite verses and dropping fire emoji all over the comment feed. One fan said “Up up kill them with baddness ” and another said “If you know about music you’ll know that TJ is very smart doing his song like this. Baiting up Alkaline to find something solid with this subliminal diss then war get nice. If Alkaline answer just watch and see what I’m talking bout”.

Then of course, the disappointed lot didn’t waste any time to express their upset, some of the feedback read, “Weak flow teejay || alkaline gon murder yuh beta careful enuh || mi Gowan gi yo cred cah di war jus a start”, “Stop the running and answer vendetta boss  ” and “Teejay can I have back the 3:20 seconds of my ears time — I’m disappointed”.

Check out the official lyric video below for TeeJay’s latest musical release, Bing Bing streaming now –

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