Demarco Claps Back At Masicka’s Diss On Instagram

Masicka Happy About International Reggae and World Music Award Nomination
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A feud that started over six years ago has reignited, and it seems Dancehall artistes Demarco and Masicka intend to take it to the lyrical battleground once again.

In an Instagram post today, Masicka shared a clip of Demarco’s OnStage interview from 2014, where he suggested that Masicka should invest in his own brand of nylon fishing string because he is simply too “hard to buss” (break out).

The two first had a serious confrontation during Sting 2014 when it was reported fans of both camps were sent scampering after an altercation began between the two deejays crews.

That conflict got pretty heated as it was reported that bottles were thrown and several loud explosions were heard. Over the years, the two had animosity towards one another but didn’t appear to take direct jabs, that is until today.

Masicka captioned his post: “Me nuh really waa give you nuh hype but don’t ever count out ghetto [email protected] you still sing?”, he posted and added some laugh emoticons, while also highlighting one of his recent successful tracks, Grandfather.

It didn’t take Demarco long to respond by sharing some hard numbers. He reminded Masicka that close to 500, 000 people stream his music on Spotify, while Masicka is still at just under 300, 000. He uses the numbers to suggest that while Masicka is getting there, he’s still not quite at the Puppy Tail singer’s level.

Then, Demarco used the post to reveal some interesting claims like how Maiscka sent him a personal message congratulating him on becoming an internationally recognized artiste. He crafts the post as if to suggest that Masicka still has a lot of work to do to get his career going. The tone is calm and almost as if he feels he’s lowering his standards to respond.

In one line of the response, he quotes Popcaan and says the “Numbers don’t lie.”

Demarco ends the post almost in a friendly manner, simply stating that yes, he is indeed still singing and that he’s doing fine.

He then dropped the mic with the release of a new track titled Homage, which is a tribute to veterans Beenie Man and Bounty Killer.


Source: Dancehallmag

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