Gold Gad Is Back With More Antics In New Music Video For His Single ‘Weather’: Watch

Gold Gad Finds A Hit With Lottery Scamming Track ‘Client Convo’: Watch
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Dancehall artiste Gold Gad is back with more hilarious antics in a new music video for his single Weather. The deejay debuted the visuals on both VEVO and YouTube on Sunday May 24th.

Still clearly in quarantine, the scenes of what appears to be another home video are pristine in a cozy upscale apartment. Gold Gad ditches his signature white robe, this time wearing a white sheer-like onesie, oddly steps out of the refrigerator singing, “Jumps out as a weadah, buss down and ma drips on bittah, ice on ma necks on glittah,” in his best foreign twang.

Gad says with all his glittery bling, that he’s rich now; he’s got the car, the money, and the girl. The girl in his bed, however is a life-size mannequin wearing a wig. She joins him later on the balcony for drinks but true to form there are only perhaps 2 ounces of Hennessy left in the bottle.

And like horses breaking through the starting gates, the comments came dashing in, “I’m only here for that empty Hennessy again,” “I wish my relationships would last long like gold gad bottle of Hennessy,” “Mi love how the dawg just keep the half empty bottle ah Henny and nuh care wa nobody say,” and “Hennessy soon sponsor u bro no give up” were just a few of the 998 comments on his YouTube page that were accumulated in one day.

Gold Gad has created a successful music career by poking fun at himself. Like many deejays, things started out pretty slow for him. After working as a sound engineer for many years and helping others to build their career, Gad decided to try his luck as a deejay.

Initially, under the moniker Philip T2K and a shock-effecting façade of hair extensions and black scleral contact lens (similar to Alkaline’s), he didn’t quite resonate with the Jamaican audience. Eventually, he changed his name and struck gold, Gold Gad emerged and so did his sense of humor.

His latest singles have been pretty successful, Quarantine Chap within hours of its release peaked at number 2 on YouTube’s Popular in Jamaica. Client Convo, the infamous scammer track has credited him with major recognition having been streamed of 1.5 million times on YouTube since its release 2 months ago. The fans simply love him.

Check out the new visuals for his single Weather below for more laughs.


Source: Dancehallmag

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