I Waata Debuts Hilarious Video For New Single ‘Digi Loan’ – Watch

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Dancehall Artiste I Waata released the full version of his new single Digi Loan along with the comical music video yesterday May 25th on his VEVO and YouTube pages.

The deejay has become somewhat of a modern-day storyteller with his musical releases. I Waata’s songs are richly narrative; even though a few are spiked with comedy, others draw meaning, life lessons, and enlightenment. This can be observed in recent 2020 releases like The Story, Stay Real, and Crazy Play, for example.

For Digi Loan, audiences can buckle-up for a belly full of laughs as the music video scenarios a typical and blatant con on what many would consider is a ‘gyal clown’. No matter how many times the unsuspecting victim is scammed into buying his crush phone card credit, he just can’t see that he’s being used and abused by the young lady.

The theatrical skit takes place right inside a small, deprived neighborhood as the hilarious characters play out the con. I Waata, in isolated scenes, narrates the verses, “But wait, oii, only time yuh memba mi a when yuh want credit, *128-amount den yuh sen it.”

Even though he says, he’s no fool, “A weh yuh tek mi fah, gyal nu tek set pon me. Mi a nuh yuh credit man, Weh yuh get that from?” the visuals continue to show otherwise.

The ‘credit man,’ upon being summoned by Christine, who complains to him tirelessly that she owes ‘Digi loans’, frequents a little shop to keep buying her Digicel phone cards. However, his good deeds are unrewarded since every time he drops by Christine’s house, she’s never there. Christine can be seen hiding behind baluster rails and a column in her yard, while the ‘credit man’ is left talking to himself like a clown.

He waits for her by setting a chair right by the exit of Christine’s lane to finally catch her leaving the house one day. “Look from when yuh tek mi credit and put on service and tell mi say yuh a go call me,” he snaps at her. Con artiste Christine simply tells him that her phone was dead and proceeds to caress his chest. Soon enough, they were back at the little shop to buy more credit.

Check out the full segment courtesy of KD Visuals to see the ‘credit man’ attempt to steal a Digicel service van, securing an unlimited supply of credit for Christine below —


Source: Dancehallmag

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