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Dear Mckoy: Stranded with my sideman

Dear Mckoy: Stranded with my sideman –  I am all the way in Kingston but I had to write this to you because I’m just recovering. I read your publications all the time by the way… very interesting! So anyway, couple weeks ago when it was raining heavily, my sideman and I made the wise decision to go on a date to cafe blue in Irish Town, St Andrew.
When we left out, it wasn’t raining so we thought things would’ve been fine. Those who are from Kingston and St Andrew know that you have to traverse the Gordon Town road to get there. So anyway, we went and had a great time and even came back to the car and had a quickie cause by that time it was pouring and both of us were turned on… only to hear that the road was closed because part of it collapsed. Listen. I nearly died! Then my man was calling because I told him I was going out with my sister to Halfway Tree so he was wondering if he could pick us up out of the rain.
I had to say no, don’t bother yourself. All that time me and the sideman were wondering what to do. It even got to a point where we were arguing about whose fault it is why we chose that spot for the date. I was never so angry and embarrassed in my life. Anyway, we had to drive alllll the way around in the opposite direction and by time I got home to my main man it was after curfew and he was so upset. That was another dose of argument cause he accused me of cheating and I kept lying that I didn’t. We made up afterward still but I’m never risking things like that again.
Dear S.D.,
I’m happy you learnt your lesson and do hope you will stick by your words of not doing that again. However, you need to consider being faithful to your man.
Cheating is never worth it and can end really sour. Not telling you how to live your life but these things can be too messy.
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