Dear McKoy: My Sister Used My Money

Dear Mckoy

My sister used my money


Dear McKoy,

“I am a Jamaican who has been working overseas for the past 5 years and sending money home for my sister to save in my bank account.

I recently arrived in Jamaica in order to start some construction on my house. My sister was nowhere to be found and my family members were hesitant to tell me what was wrong. After convincing them to relate the information they were keeping from me, I found out that my sister had used all my money on jewellery and a  building for her boyfriend, as well as bail money for her man who was facing criminal charges.

McKoy, I love my sister very much but I also need my money back.

My question is do you think I should take her to court or a have her to pay me back when she’s able to?”

Response by Shena Carty: Take her to court. You won’t get it back any other way. Also, you can put a lean against the house she’s started until you get your case settled. She has violated your relationship selfishly and has no intentions of being honest about it.

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