Dear McKoy: In Love with My Teacher

Dear Mckoy

In love with my teacher


Dear McKoy,

“I am a teenaged girl and I am so in love with my Mathematics teacher. I have on several occasions tried to draw him to me sexually by telling him how I feel and also by trying to be alone with him.

He is married but I really don’t care.

I believe we are meant to be together but he refuses to be with me.

Whenever I see him with his wife I get so mad that I will pass and shoulder bump her. I just want him to see me as a woman and not a child.

McKoy, please tell me what to do? Should I tell his wife we have been intimate?”

~In love with my teacher

Response by Shena Carty: You are a child. Are you an A student? What are your plans for your future? How is your family life? Does your family struggle to send you to school? It is natural for a student to be attracted to a teacher. The thing is knowing your boundaries. Your teacher, luckily for you, knows the boundaries and is respectful of them.

Ignoring you is the proper way to respond to the advances you have. He should go further and make a complaint about this situation, just in case you do decide to defame his character with lies and mischief. Afterall, he studied to get the job to make a better life for himself and his family. Not to become a statistic in the media of another failed adult in our society.

Too many adults, pastors, teachers, police officers and many others have failed our children and our society. Have some self-respect and focus on your studies. That is what you go to school for. Telling his wife lies will make you look like an even bigger fool than you have shown yourself to be with all your previous attempts with him.

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