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Dear McKoy: She is Not Pretty but I Love Her

Dear McKoy,

I have been with a girl for a little over a year now and I love her. The problem is that all my friends and family despise her because she is not very good-looking and they think I deserve way better.

I have held my ground by telling them love goes way beyond age, looks and social standing or wealth, but they all refuse to leave me alone.

I could not have asked for someone better to love but it is affecting my family life and friendships. I don’t know what to do!

Should I stick to her? Should I listen to my friends and family? Or should I live with the consequences and keep defending her? I am confused. I love her and I love my family. Please help me.

Response: Keep loving her. Family and friends can be the worst for your relationships. How many of your family and friends are in relationships with attractive people and are miserable? Probably all of them.
Do not allow them to project their misery onto you. Keep living and loving. Many of us go through a lifetime unable to say they have truly loved. Mek dem gweh!

Shena Carty

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