Falmouth Lockup Closed Following Jail Break

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Jamaica News, April 9, 2018 – Falmouth Lockup Closed

Trelawny, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Several police officers in the parish of Trelawny say they are now blaming the recent jail break at the Falmouth lock up on the Police High Command, and also negligence on the part of the government.   The officers were lashing out following the closure of the lockup on the weekend.

On Monday April 9, our news team spoke to a number of police officers in the parish of Trelawny and they all expressed the same views and major concerns. The officers who wish their identities be kept confidential, belted out that the structure of the Falmouth lockup is in a deplorable state.

One officer pointed out that a cell search is done at the Falmouth lockup every day or every other day. During these cell searches, the grills are also checked because it has been noticed that the grills are becoming worn.

Another officer mentioned that he is stationed at Falmouth and he can clearly state that Cell 7 in particular is non-functional.  Also Cells 2 and 3 are defective, and there has been a hole in the wall of the bathroom for some time now.

It was also mentioned by the police officer that, several proposals have been sent out to have the lockup renovated, but on each occasion they are referred to the bureaucracy of the Ministry.

The police say they found it strange that notorious criminals are being relocated to Falmouth from Freeport which is no doubt a better and more equipped facility.  He further pointed out that, the Falmouth lockup is now under staffed and most of the officers are sent to the Border Check Point under the State of Public Emergency.

The Falmouth station host 10 adjoining cells and four others which are used to house females and other minor criminals.  It was learnt that the prisoners escaped from cell 9 which was also brought to the attention of the police high command by supervisor at the station, based on its deplorable condition.

Four prisoners escaped from the lock up about 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 4, and so far two have been recaptured.

They have been identified as 22-year-old  Tuavaun Lawson otherwise called “Tall Man” , of Rose Mount in St James and  ,  39-year-old Adrian Stewart of St James.

Two other escapees Mario Morrison of Hopewell in Hanover and O’Neil Demetrius are still on the run.  They are both wanted for murder.

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Following the jail break, Superintendent in charge of Trelawny , Dwight Powell held a press conference and reported that the officers who were on duty during the jail break, have been removed from front line duties and that an internal investigation is now being carried out.

Following the interviews with the concern officers on Monday morning, our news team also spoke to Superintendent Dwight Powell who is in charge of the parish.

Superintendent Powell stated that since his appointment in office last November, no one had brought it to his attention that there were defects at the lockup.  According to him, following the jail break, investigations at the Cell Block revealed defect with the installation of the ventilation and other sections of the cells.

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