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Dear McKoy: My Boyfriend’s Wife and I have a New Matey

My Boyfriend’s Wife and I have a New Matey


Dear McKoy,

I have been a side chick for about 3 years now and my boyfriend’s wife and I are really good friends. We don’t hide anything from each other.

A couple days ago she called and told me that she came across a naked woman in his phone and she knew it was not me. She later stopped by my house for us to decide how to treat the situation.

We decided to confront her husband about it and he said it was just a woman who sent pictures to the wrong number but we didn’t believe him. So we followed him after he supposedly left for work and he led us straight to her.

His wife and I fought the both of them and ran. What would you have done if you were in the same situation as me? Do you believe we were wrong to beat her? Or do you think we should have welcomed her to the club?

Response: Unuh is one bag a combolo. One bag a carelessness. Unuh is so desperate fi di one man. So is he wealthy, handsome, loving, kind, caring, a super father and great friend to both of you? I bet not!
I hope that woman press charges against both of you and I hope he leaves both of you to fend for yourselves. Bout welcome to club. What club? She’s now the boss. Why would she want to be in your mess? She’s the queen and you’re the subjects.
Keep us posted. When he leaves both of you, we wanna know.

Shena Carty

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