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Dear McKoy: My Roommate is a Con Artist

Dear McKoy,

I have been living with my roommate for 1 year now and almost every two weeks she makes calls to different people telling them that she was in a accident and is in need of money to do medical procedures.

These persons are being robbed and I know but I can’t help them.

Last week she asked me to call someone in her phone and tell them she was in a coma and I refused, so she stopped talking to me.
Do you think I should feel bad for refusing to lie for her? And what do you think I can do to help those she have already robbed?
Response: Don’t feel bad. You have morals, values and principles. You can’t do anything to help these people. You need to remove yourself from her space before you get hurt. It’s only a matter of time, before karma hits her.

Shena Carty

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