Dear McKoy: My Friend Stinks

Dear McKoy,

I have a friend and there is a certain aspect of her lifestyle that I would like to talk to her about but I am afraid I might offend her.

The truth is I am not the best at sugar coating the words I say. So my friend has a high body odor and she is overly emotional. The last time I spoke to her about her breath she cried and didn’t eat for two days.

How do I tell her without coming off as mean or offensive? Should I get her a gift that includes bath and body products? Or should I suggest that she seek professional help?? Help me help my friend.

Response: There are ways to be honest without being harsh. How old is she? Just sit her down and choose your words wisely. Be tactful, “I do not mean to be offensive and I am sure you are not aware so as a friend, I wanna let you know that you have to do something about your odor. I’m telling you because I think it is best I tell you than to have people talk about you or embarrass you.

Also, get her things that will tell her what the issues are without having to spell it out. You could even copy these words in a note and give it with the gift set for her. You’re trying to keep a friend not lose one.

Shena Carty

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