Dear McKoy: My Wife is Cheating on Me

Dear McKoy,

My wife cheated on me and I have been broken since. The worst part is that I found nudes in her phone and the man’s penis is bigger than mine. Ego is one hell of a thing because I can’t believe that is what hurt me the most! Another man’s penis size. This man even gives her money and all sorts of gifts. I was wondering why she was glowing so much. Only to find out another man was making her happy. We have not been on speaking terms. I love her so much and wanted her around forever, but I don’t know…This is a hard one. I don’t think cheating back will work, and of course I have cheated too but I’m a man. It’s different. I can’t tell my friends. The embarrassment is too much. I want my life back and I want to be the reason she’s happy. Please help.

Dear F.T.,

Do not compare your size to another man’s. Comparison is always the thief of joy. You need to talk to your wife about the matter and see if she still wants the marriage too. Re-evaluate yourself too and see if you got too complacent and wasn’t treating her right ( although there’s no excuse for cheating). You both seem to have no loyalty to each other. Do Better.


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