Dear Mckoy: My Stepbrother Turns Me On

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Dear Mckoy: My Stepbrother Turns Me On-  I am 17 years of age living with my mom, stepdad and stepbrother who are two years older than I am.
Some time ago I found myself fantasizing about my stepbrother.

I told my best friend and she believes that since he’s only my stepbrother I should make a move at him if I feel this way because he might be feeling the same.
He really turns me on and sometimes I masturbate imagining him making out with me.
I’m not sure what to do.

Gale. St James.

Dear Gale: Thank you for writing, but let me get straight to the point!
Your stepbrother should be seen as no different from your biological brother.
Therefore my advice to you is to get your grip together and be more focus on your education and not fantasizing about your stepbrother.
I’m sure your parents would be upset with your idea.  Find yourself something more productive to do.

Take care.

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