Dear Mckoy: Boyfriend Doesn’t Trust Me But Wants To Sleep With Me

Dear Mckoy: Boyfriend Doesn’t Trust Me But Wants To Sleep With Me–  My wife and I have been together for about 19 years and have been married for 5 years.
She has been unable to have children due to fibrosis and a few abortions she chooses to have in order to pursue college, which leads to the present damages of her womb.

My wife knows It has always been my dream to have children.
Anyway knowing her situation and her being unable to give me my desire I started going outside of my marriage.

Unfortunately, I got someone pregnant and decided I would be open with my wife about it and depending on how she felt about it I would ask that we grew my child together, like our own as the mother already agree as long as she was willing to treat my child with love.

But instead, my wife is now saying it’s fine I am getting a child but it’s not welcome to ever visit our home and she does not wish to ever meet my child and I should stay away from my child and the mother.
I know I have done wrong and I’m not afraid to admit to it. But how can she not want me to have any association with my child or have my child visit in my own home?

My baby is due to born in a few days and I’m having a detached feeling from the meanness of my wife’s rejection towards my child.

Just A Man.


Dear Just A Man: I understand clearly what you are saying.  And as a man, it takes strong guts to admit to being wrong.

And I’m not picking sides but since you were honest and man enough to open up to your wife about the situation and she feels the way she does. You have to understand and give her time to marinate it.

But despite the mistake, you have made going outside of your marriage I will not agree with her asking you to stay away from your child.
The child is innocent of all this so I suggest that you keep trying to reason with your wife about your general situation and hope one day she will gradually accept your child while you both work on the bond of your marriage and new adjoined family.

Good luck.

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