Catherine Hall Man Held with Counterfeit Notes

Latest Jamaica News, St James (McKoy’s News): Catherine Hall Man Held The Coral Gardens police are reporting the arrest of one man who was held in possession of an American counterfeit $20 note on Tuesday.

Facing charges of Uttering Counterfeit notes and possession of a counterfeit note is 30-year-old Onief Dawson, unemployed of Catherine Hall in Montego Bay.

Reports by the police are that Dawson drove to a Texaco service station in IronShore, and ordered gasoline from a US$20 note.

The pump attendant checked the money before serving the gas and discovered that it was false. The note was handed back to him and after being told that it was fraudulent, he took the money and sped off.

The service station operator informed the police of the incident and following a search of the area, the lawmen intercepted the vehicle being driven by Dawson.

He was questioned and the vehicle was searched, which resulted in the seizure of the said US counterfeit, $20-note.

Dawson was taken into custody and subsequently slapped with charges.

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