Dear McKoy: My mother is getting too close to my man

Dear McKoy,

My mother has started to move unusually close with my man and I don’t know how to treat the situation. She hated him at first but all of a sudden they’re besties and she’s cooking and ironing for him; even sending him lunch at work. Maybe if she was an elderly woman I’d not be so concerned but she’s in her early 40s and is very beautiful and sexy. My man is just soaking up all this treatment and I swear if they’re ever involved sexually I’m fighting them both; parent or not, she should know her place. I haven’t gotten any concrete evidence that they’re involved but this doesn’t sit well with me. Do you blame me? Am I reading into things too deeply? Let me know.


Dear G.S.

Talk to them. You need to let them know how you feel and set boundaries. This is YOUR relationship and you should be able to speak up about issues you’re having. Things do seem a bit suspicious but you’ll never truly be sure unless you talk it out. 
I hope this helps.

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