Confession: I gave my sister’s boyfriend herpes

I have been having sex with my sister’s boyfriend for a while as well as other men. The thing is, I contract herpes and passed it on to him and now I fear that he gave her. I feel like I’ve failed her as an older sibling. I love her and my actions had nothing to do with how I feel about her; I just wanted the man cause he’s attractive and rich. He was attracted to me too from the jump so we started linking secretly. The other men I had sex with were just for money and enjoyment in case my sister’s boyfriend was unavailable. I regret it now because I’m stuck with this disease. I’m not 100% sure which one of them I contracted it from and I’m afraid of telling them because I’m embarrassed. I just wanted to tell somebody. The man has cut me off so in the end none of this was worth it.

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