Dear McKoy: My Man Wont Pleasure Me Orally Because I Have a Strong Odor

Dear McKoy: My boyfriend and I have been together for six months. Our sex lie is fun and exciting, but I have one problem. He really wants to give me oral sex but his nose is sensitive. My vagina tends to give off a strong odor and once we get into action, it gets worst. I really want to get pleasure orally which I think is only fair since I do it to him, however, he says his stomach is not up to it. This lowers my self-esteem and I feel insecure about our sex life. What can I do to make my vagina stop smelling so strong?




Dear Anika: Firstly, always ensure that you are clean before having sex.  Take a shower and make sure your private area is washed properly. Do not use a douche, it will kill all the bacteria, allowing bad bacteria to enter and infect you. Secondly, make sure you don’t have an infection. If you are having any colorful discharge, visit the doctor and have it taken care of immediately. It is possible to make your vaginal odor as pleasant as possible by taking some additional steps. Keep an eye on what you eat, avoid spicy foods and anything with a strong odor. What you consume has an impact on your pee. It is beneficial to drink enough water and consume a balanced diet. Following your visit to the restroom, make every effort to be as clean as possible. If you have a lot of pubic hair, you might want to consider shaving or trimming it. The odor of urine lingers in pubic hair after it has been absorbed and dried, creating a stale pee smell. Shower first thing in the morning and then refresh up with baby wipes throughout the day. It’s important to remember that not all ladies have the same fragrance.


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