Dear McKoy: My husband is frustrated because I cant get pregnant

Dear McKoy,

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby but it has not been successful which is causing a strain on our marriage. He is starting to get frustrated with me as if this is my fault. Men can be so irrational sometimes. I am in love with him and I want us to be together forever but there are some issues with my ovaries that’s causing the problem. I don’t want him to divorce me or cheat because of this. It is stressing me out. I am attractive and make my own money so it’s not like I am stressing him for maintenance or I don’t complement how handsome he is. I take care of our home and go above and beyond in the bedroom. I just feel like he’s being unfair. What do you think about the situation?


Dear M.S.

Your husband is definitely acting unfair towards you but not everyone processes emotions in the same way. Maybe he is really hurting and frustrated and doesn’t know how to express himself. It is best both of you seek a professional or someone trusted to talk about the issue. Remember you can always adopt or get a surrogate if push comes to shove. I pray things will be successful. 


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