Dear McKoy: My Parents want me to move out because I’m pregnant

Dear McKoy,

I am in my final semester of university but recently got pregnant and my parents want me to move out. It is harsh of them because I am an adult, but I understand they paid a lot to send me to university. My boyfriend also lives with his parents and I am not sure if they would want me living with them. My parents are very upset. My father is a pastor so you know how bad it looks to have a baby out of wedlock. I am trying to find jobs right now but it’s hard because of the pandemic. I really want to keep this baby but I don’t know what to do. I cannot make my baby grow up in poverty. My boyfriend is also seeking a job at this time. Please keep me in your prayers while we go through this.


Dear N.F.,

Your baby is a blessing from God. Even though you don’t understand his timing, trust that it will all work out. You need to focus on your health and finishing your degree strong. I have no doubt that you will. I also hope you and/or your boyfriend find a job. You can try talking to your parents about this in a respectful way so they can become more receptive. Please have them reach out to me if you need assistance with getting through to them. All the best.


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