Dear McKoy: My Dad is Cheating on my Mom with my Aunt

Dear McKoy,

One night I caught my dad sneaking out of my aunt’s room and things haven’t been the same between us. I don’t even remember why I was in the hallway during those hours but we bumped into each other and I had to conceal my scream by covering my mouth. My aunt heard another person and she came out of the room wrapped in the sheet! I cannot believe they were literally having sex under my mother’s nose. I haven’t said anything but the vibe has been weird. I’m afraid of breaking my mother’s heart. I wanted them to grow old together but I don’t know anymore.

What do you think?


Dear S.J.,

Everything that happens in the dark will eventually come to light. It is their responsibility to tell your mother, not you. However, if you feel it’s important for YOU to break the news then do so. I pray your family heals.


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