Dear McKoy: My boyfriend uses too much “teeth”

Dear McKoy,

My boyfriend uses too much teeth when he’s eating my vagina and every time I tell him to ease up, he purposely bites me. I’m tired of this man chewing on my clit and the only reason we’re together is cause we have a son and he takes care of me financially. One of these days I’m going to bite him on his penis and he’s not gonna like it. When he penetrates me, that’s not bad but the head is horrible! I want him to stop but he seems to get enjoyment out of it. He has even orgasmed on himself just by giving me head. How can I help this man?


Dear A.R.,

It’s your body and if you want to restrict someone from a particular sex act, you can. Otherwise, it’s rape. Set boundaries and make him understand you’re serious about it.


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