Dear McKoy: I am Cheating on my Husband

Dear McKoy,

I’ve been married for 10 years and recently I started seeing another man because my marriage hasn’t been the best. I love my husband but things just haven’t been the same. I think he’s cheating on me too and I’m not even mad. We’re really only together to spare ourselves the public humiliation but I don’t think I can hold off any longer. My new guy is younger, cute, spontaneous, the sex is out of the world! I think I’m falling in love. Do you think I’m a bad person? My friends are judging me for my actions but I don’t see a problem. We have no children and we share a business together. I’m happy no kids are involved. But what’s your opinion?


Dear B.L.,

It’s better to be honest with each other and stop with the childish games. Other people’s opinions don’t matter. This is your relationship, not theirs. Take control of your life for YOU.


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