Confession: Feeding my man with my body fluid

Sometimes, when I cook for my man, I put a little bit of my ejaculation in it for my own personal enjoyment. It mostly happens after an argument or if he pisses me off, plus I get a kick out of it. I’m really into kinky, freaky things and he swears that he doesn’t eat vagina.. unfortunately, he doesn’t know that he does indirectly. When he goes home and kisses his wife, she’s also tasting my juices. It’s the most hilarious thing to me.I’m a clean woman. I shower and wax “down there” and I don’t have any infections so it’s no big deal. I’m sure people are out here eating other people’s anus and peeing on them etc, plus, oral sex is literally a norm nowadays.

The good thing is, nobody will ever know who I am and as long as I’m with this man and he does anything wrong, I’m going to keep retaliating like this. Eat up, babe!

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