Dear Mckoy: My Buff Teeth Hampering Oral Sex

Dear Mckoy: I have a real serious issue.  I have a man who is quite older than me.  His manhood is not that good again so I have to find ways and means to make him happy sexually.  He is spending nuff money on me and I want to make sure that I please him.

Because of his situation, I have to be adventurous and creative.  He expresses his love for oral sex but I have a teeth problem.  My front teeth have an overbite so it makes me bite up his penis when I try.  He gets frustrated whenever I try to do it.  I don’t want him to get it from somebody else and leave me.

I try to practice on cucumber and carrot but the teeth always getting in the way.  I come to realize that anything I put in my mouth gets bitten.  Someone told me to lock my jaws but that was when the teeth sink. It just look like some things were not made for some people, maybe that’s why my teeth are like that. What can I do to get my teeth out the way before he gets frustrated and leave?


Dear CH: The only recommendation is to visit an Orthodontist and get braces to align your overbite.  If you desire to fulfill his pleasure, use some of the money he gives you to do it, or better yet, discuss the option of getting braces.  All the best.

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