Dear McKoy: Should I Leave My Girlfriend for her Wild Sister?

Should I leave my girlfriend for her wild Sister?


Dear Mckoy,

“I have recently moved in with my girlfriend and although our sex life is great I want to leave her to be with her sister, who will do anything I ask her.

My girlfriend takes good care of me and all but she is not willing to do anything I ask her to. She is too old-fashioned, but her sister is wild.

How do I end it without being a bad guy? Do you think she will understand? Am I being selfish and unfair?

What would you do?”

– J.E

Response: Dear J.E, well you are a jerk, obviously. So just go ahead and break up with her upfront and deal with the sister upfront and any consequences that come with that.

Alternatively, you can see if she is into doing a threesome with her sister,  that way you can have the best of it worlds.  But I wouldn’t recommend you ask. Franky, I think that she deserves an honest, self-respecting, unselfish man. McKoy

Photo by Taylor Grote on Unsplash

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