Cornwall Regional Hospital – Decline in Gunshot Injures Since Jan. 18

Jamaica News, February 1, 2018

St James, Jamaica ( Mckoy’s News) – Staff at Cornwall Regional Hospital in St. James is relieved at the significant reduction in number of gunshot patients since the State of Emergency was declared in St James on January 18, by the prime minster.

According the hospital officials, there were 35 cases of gunshot injuries last December 2016 and 21 gunshot patients came into the hospital from January 1-17.

According to the hospital, since the State of Emergency declaration for the parish of St James on January 18, Cornwall Regional Hospital has only had six cases of gunshot injuries, and all six were related to a single shooting incident.

An official at the hospital added that with the reduction of the gunshot wounds, the working conditions at the hospital have improved significantly.

With the sharp reduction of gunshot incidents, there can be more resources for people with genuine problems, as the gunshot patients are taxing on the hospital resources and it is time consuming to attend to the usual influx of gunshot injuries, according to the hospital official.

Jamaica’s joint security forces have blanketed areas of St James known for gang and gun violence, in efforts to remove the gunmen who are destroying the tourist parish, with multiple murders per day.

St James recorded over 300 murders in 2017.

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