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PNP Concerned About Criminal Migration During State of Emergency

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Jamaica News, February 1, 2018

St James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Criminal Migration: Chairman of the People’s National Party and Opposition  Spokesman on security, Fitz Jackson on Wednesday, January 31, told media representatives that the party is very much concerned about criminals migrating to other parishes during the State of Emergency which is now in effect in St James.

Mr Jackson who was addressing a question in regards to St James gang members migrating to the parish of St Elizabeth stated that the security heads in St James have assured them that they have indicated strategies to identify those areas whether in the parish or outside of the parish and will apprehend these suspects.

The PNP Opposition Spokesman further stated that the main question will be the response capability to handle all those areas within and outside the parish.

He pointed out that he hopes the combined efforts both by the JDF and the JCF will be able to put a reasonable handle on those criminals.

The People’s National Party is also very concerned with the leadership of the crime, “King Pings or whatever they are called, stated Mr Jackson. The Security forces in St James need to get to the root of the criminals and this is one of the only ways they will be able to put a long-term dent in the crime situations.” he continued.

On Wednesday the PNP Party Chairman and a team of Councillors, Member of Parliaments and other executive members toured several sections of St James that are under the State of emergency.

Mr Jackson stated that he and the other members of the party are very pleased with what they have seen and the feedback they have gotten from several community members.

According to Mr Jackson, based on what he has heard on the grounds, the residents are pleased with the way in which the security forces have been handling themselves throughout the State of emergency.

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