Dear McKoy: I cant control my sexual urges

Dear Mckoy,

Over the last few weeks, my sex drive has become uncontrollable. Usually, it would’ve been like a 3/5, but these days I want to have sex all the time. I can tell my girlfriend is tired of me and I don’t want her to leave because of this new addiction. Her sex drive is low but I love her dearly because she completes me on many other levels. If we can’t have sex, I masturbate and I’ve even been having thoughts of cheating. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. If I cheat, she’s for sure going to leave me and I don’t want that. McKoy, I don’t know what to do.


Dear D.W.,

You can always see a doctor of other professional if you think this is concerning. I hope you are healthy. In the meantime, find activities to occupy yourself so you don’t always have to be thinking about sex. Okay sports or interact with family and friends.
All the best.



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