Dear McKoy: Honesty Might not be the Best Policy

Dear McKoy,

“I am tired of trying to be honest as no one appreciates honest people anymore.

I found a bag containing a lot of money, as well as, some US dollars. I wanted to keep it all for myself because I owed several persons and I have a major surgery to do, but I was contemplating what to do when I heard a white couple saying they would properly reward the person who found it and they gave a number and ask anyone who has information on the money to contact them.

I recall several times hearing people saying you will be greatly rewarded for returning the money and things, yet they rarely reward you the honest person. All they tend to say is a “thank you and may God bless you“, or even tell you it is not their money and they “can’t give you any but God bless you.”

If you were in my position with all that money would you return it to the owners?

Would you remove some of it? Or would you call and have them signed an agreement to reward you and post it?

What would you do McKoy?”


Response by Shena Carty: What proof do you have that the money belongs to them? How do you know, they didn’t just hear a story and are passing it on? God works in mysterious ways. The universe saw your needs and answered your prayers. I would find out about the reward and check to see if they’re legitimate before I even consider handing that money over. If they are not legitimate and there’s no evidence of a reward to be awarded, keep it!

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