Dear Mckoy: When a Mother Tries

Dear McKoy,

“I am a mother of 5 children and their father was a good man who fell victim to marijuana and cocaine.

I have tried very hard at many jobs and I even tried my hands at buying and selling, because I just can’t find a job anymore. Most times I have had to use the goods I bought to sell because no one has money to buy.

I have even hitchhiked to several hotel construction sites where I got part-time employment as a labourer.

I earned the respect of many people as a very trying person. I got money to borrow where I tried for the overseas work program and was denied a USA visa where I would go to work as a housekeeper in various big hotels.

I was distraught and some good Samaritan bought me a ticket to a Small Island where I worked for a few years and was able to assist two of my children through high school and part way through university.

Now I’m home and want to try for a US visa, will overstaying in another country although it is in the Caribbean, prevent me from getting the visa? Is there any program available that can assist me to find some kind of job so I can assist the rest of my children? I returned home because I missed my children and hated living in a country illegally.”


Response by Shena Carty: Please contact an immigration attorney. They are better equipped to assist you. Rob Brown an immigration attorney, will be able to assist you. (561) 255 2029.

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