Dear Mckoy: Boyfriend Doesn’t Trust Me But Wants To Sleep With Me

Dear Mckoy: Boyfriend Doesn’t Trust Me But Wants To Sleep With Me–  My boyfriend and I have been together for four years now. Since recently, he started traveling then all of a sudden the changes began. We never used to argue or fuss about anything, I’m always a loyal and honest person in my relationship.

A few days ago my boyfriend said to me he doesn’t trust me because I’m always too calm and quiet. I find it strange and also takes it as an offense. Because even though he said all that to me he still wants to go to bed with me.
I want to leave but not sure what he might try to do.

Faye.     Trelawney.

Dear Faye:  Your story is quite an interesting one.  But if suddenly your boyfriend is of the opinion that he doesn’t trust or can’t trust you, it’s obvious that something is wrong. I suggest you try sitting down with him and discuss the situation while trying to understand the real reasons why he feels the way he does. Then you both make a decision whether to try and make things work or you both go your separate ways. 

But in my opinion, if you don’t trust someone or someone doesn’t trust you, it’s not wise or healthy to be going to bed with that individual.

All the best

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