Dear McKoy: Blackmailed by my Student

Dear McKoy: Blackmailed by my Student (McKoy’s News) – I am a teacher at a prominent high school in Kingston and I was recently approached by a male student who offered sexual favors for better grades. I refused and when I did he went to the school board and told them that I wanted to have sexual relations with him. The board actually believes him and they are debating whether or not to fire me.

What should I do? I can’t afford to lose my job. I have come up with the idea to have him admit to approaching me on audio recording. Do you think that would be wise?



Dear Teacher,

First off,  you should have reported him first, but since he beat you to the punch an audio recording doesn’t sound bad.

If you could get him to admit to what he did you’ll be able to keep your job and he can be punished for lying. We hope that you will be a little bit more assertive in the future.

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