Dear Mckoy: Bisexual Husband Wants A Divorce

Dear Mckoy: Bisexual Husband Wants A Divorce– My husband and I have been married for approximately 8 years now.

About four years in our marriage it came to my understanding that my husband was bisexual. It was never a big deal to me because he wasn’t throwing it in my face and I love him endlessly.

He has decided to take a visit to Canada for one month, since he returned his attitude towards our marriage has changed negatively.

Just a week ago he told me he wants out of our marriage and he hopes I understand but he migrating to Canada and think it’s best we get a divorce. He then served me a divorce paper.

We have two children; I’m not even sure how to explain this to our children knowing their father is leaving us to be with another man. I am going insane.




Dear Tasha: Your story is a very sensitive case.

I know exactly how a divorce can be especially when children’s are been involved and it’s left for you to explain the reasons for separation to them.

Knowing their father is breaking their family bond to be with another man, this is a tough one but in the process of your situation, I am suggesting that you seek some professional counselling and they should  be better able to help with the process.

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