Dear McKoy: A Case of Child Abuse

Dear McKoy,
I am currently renting an apartment from an elderly woman whose 30-year-old daughter left her 8-year-old daughter on her to go off and start a new life.

This elderly woman says she doesn’t like females and so she abuses this little girl and all her other children do the same. The little girl doesn’t misbehave, she is simply a child and she will do stuff regular kids do, but I don’t believe that gives anyone the right to treat her the way they do. The child’s father is aware of how she is being treated but he refuses to do anything, all he does is quarrel behind their backs as he says he doesn’t have a home for her to stay.

Whenever I am not around and I come back she has a busted lip or her face is swollen. But whenever I am around she sticks closely to me. I wish I could just take her with me but I have a baby and life is hard with one child! Could you imagine what it would be like if I were to adopt her or become her legal guardian? Do you think I should report what is happening to the CDA? I mean she isn’t hungry and she is kept clean but she is being abused. Not to mention the fact that kids are being abused in homes all across Jamaica. I don’t want to be the reason why a little girl gets abused in a home.

Do you think I should take this little girl under my care? Do you think I should try and find a better alternative before totally weighing my options? I really want to help her. Please help a woman in dire need of advice ASAP.



Dear T.M,

I believe that you should report that the little girl is being abused to the nearest police station. No child should ever be mistreated or abused, she should be loved and taken care of. I understand if you cannot take her under your wings and care for her. but if it’s possible for you to help her in any way, help her.

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