Dear McKoy: Could my Boyfriend be Cheating with my Best Friend?

Dear McKoy,
My boyfriend and my best friend are way too comfortable. My best friend is always popping by my house unannounced and whenever she does give notice it’s to my boyfriend and not me even though she is my best friend. She has even started calling and texting him at all hours at night. I have made it clear that I am not comfortable with the arrangement they have and they’ve both said I am acting jealous and I should trust them.

Now McKoy I am not a woman who trusts easily. I have always had trust issues with people. I have had terrible experiences putting my trust in people so I won’t do it again.

Do you believe I am over reacting to the situation? Or am do you believe I am just protecting myself from whatever harm may come my way? Could it be that my friend wants my man? Or my man wants my friend? It is hard for me to trust anyone but I know I am not crazy. I need your advice!



Dear D.A,

I believe you’re right to suspect that there may be some foul play with your boyfriend and your best friend. Nothing is wrong with what you’re doing. It’s completely inappropriate for your friend to be calling and texting your boyfriend at all hours of the night. I think you need to drop that friend of yours, her intentions may not be pure.

Also, your boyfriend needs to show you some respect. He should stop texting your friend. I don’t believe he should do that and feel that you should not be jealous.

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