Dear McKoy: Should I Reunite with My Philandering Husband?

Dear McKoy,
I married the man of my life and left to live in the US, he had to stay behind until the paperwork came through. While in the US I was informed that my husband was sneaking around with a co-worker.

I asked him about it and he said it was not true. I tried to be his friend on Facebook and he blocked me so I used a friend’s profile to spy on him. There it was plain and obvious on Facebook a young lady referring to him as her baby.

I came to visit a couple months later and found out from his family that the young lady was having his baby. I confronted him and told him I was going to leave him and he threatened to kill me. I couldn’t leave so I went back to the US and he continued his shenanigans in Jamaica. Life seemed to be going well for him until his sister called the other day to say he and the said young lady are no longer together.

I still love him McKoy! Do you think I should get back with him? His sister is willing to talk to him. What if he doesn’t want to be with me? What do you think I should do? Would it be a good idea to take him back? What if he hurts me again? I am desperate for your advice. Please help me!



Dear F.G,

I know love means a lot but if he didn’t respect you before, I don’t believe he is going to respect you now. It’s up to you still, if you two get back together I would advise you to keep him on a short leash and make sure he knows your ultimatum. Your way or the highway. No woman should be treated the way you were treated. Also it’s important that you respect yourself.

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