Dear Mckoy: 18 And Pregnant For My Pastor

Dear Mckoy: 16 Year Old Wants to Run Away
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Dear Mckoy: 18 And Pregnant For My Pastor: My parents and I attend a Seventh Day Church, in the parish of St Ann, where I have been sleeping with our pastor since I was 16 years of age.
I am now 18.
The problem is that I am currently 3 months pregnant for our pastor but ever since I told him he has been disowning my pregnancy.
He is the first and only man that I have ever been with. My parents are very curious as to whom the father of my unborn child is. I’m too embarrassed and scared to let them know it’s our pastor who is also married to my mother’s best friend and church sister.
I feel like taking my life.
Kerr, St Ann.
Dear Kerr: That is a sticky situation you are in. Regardless of the pressure, you are feeling right now, it is no reason to take your life. You are a few months from experiencing one of the greatest pleasures life has to offer, seeing your child for the first time.
The burden of having to keep it to yourself and having the father reject must be overwhelming right now. I encourage you to tell your parents or someone you believe will support you, about who the child is for and what happened when you told him. Since he does not want to take responsibility for the child then you will have to choose your support system or even be your own support system. 
All you can do right now is to prepare yourself for the birth of your child. In the case that you want to have the father in the child’s life, after you have the child then you can bring him to the family court for child support. 
Pray that the situation will be resolved and work out in both you and your child’s favor.

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