Dane Brown is orphaned, sick and homeless, but willing fi work

Kingston, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – 26-year-old Dane Brown, clutches his cardboard makeshift bed protectively under his arm. With tears in eyes, the homeless orphaned young man says he is holding on until better comes his way.

Dane found a place to live on the streets of downtown Kingston for over a month now, as his life got difficult when he began suffering from Kidney failure over three years ago. He usually worked as a labourer on construction sites but can no longer earn a living doing this because the kidney disease caused swelling in his limbs, stiffness, shortness of breath and a painfully enlarged stomach.

Before he became homeless he was staying with a friend but, the one room house became no longer comfortable for him, his friend and his friend’s girlfriend, so he did the noble thing for himself – Dane went to the Marie Atkins Shelter on Hanover Street, downtown Kingston to seek a place to stay – but when he got there they weren’t taking any new occupant.

“When me come it full, so me just have to sleep outside under the shed,” Brown explained to the STAR. “It hard out here, because when rain a fall, me cold. The chink (bugs) dem bite we a night-time and them scratch.”

Begging on the Streets, People Laugh at His Belly

At sunrise Dane hides his cardboard bed and goes on the Kingston streets to beg for money for food, but he says people laugh at him and mock him more than they help him with spare change.

Dane says he often gets the question of “If him pregnant”

Dane Brown
Dane Brown Orphaned, Homeless, Kidney Disease (Photo Credit Jamaica STAR)

He said, “Poor dem nuh know say I sick. Me no want to live like this, but me sick and me no have anybody fi help me like that.” Shared the orphaned young man.

Dane who shared that he is a hard worker, says although he is not feeling well most of the time, he is willing to work. He says he always had it rough, but has fended for himself by working since he was younger, so he is who is willing to do small jobs like sweeping and cleaning if he is offered.

“Me would really like a proper shelter over me head, and some food, a that a the main thing. Because of me sickness, me can’t eat everything,” he said.

Anyone wishing to help Dane Brown may call him at 1-876-536-5423.

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