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Jeremy Meeks deported from England

SS the Showstopper
By SS the Showstopper

Jeremy Meeks whose mug shot went viral after being arrested on weapons charges, then got a fashion contract due to his chiseled bone structures and biracial features, have reportedly been deported from England due to his criminal past.

After being released from prison in March 2016, Jeremy Meeks was snatched up by Hollywood agent Gina Rodriguez who put him in the modeling world.

That being said, Jeremy jet-set all the way to the U.K. for a fashion gig—with a work visa and letter from his parole officer—but he was detained once he got there.

Jeremy was detained by border officials after he landed at Heathrow Airport with his wife and manager; who were reportedly in an airport restaurant for 5 hours before being told that Jeremy had been sent back to New York.

According to reports, Jeremy’s manager Jim Jordan, reportedly said that “They wouldn’t let him come into the country. He is really upset. He was police-escorted onto the plane.”

“I’m sick of this st. I’ve been denied. London don’t want me here having served my time. This st is crazy.” Meeks reportedly said as he filmed himself.

He was forced to fly home on Monday night, after border officials at Heathrow Airport blocked him from entering the UK.

But Jeremy Meeks rose above the recent hiccup on Friday, by putting on a brave face and easing his woes with a spot of retail therapy in LA.

The ‘hot felon’, 33, displayed his impressively bulging biceps and trademark tattoos in a thin blue vest as he headed on a shopping trip in sunny Beverly Hills.

“We were planning a launch event with his agency SUPA models and Man About Town but sadly Jeremy wasn’t allowed into the country, even after having the correct documentation he was unfortunately sent back to the States,” an email from his representatives detailed.

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