Curfew Imposed in Sections of Brown’s Town Community, Kingston 16 (Dunkirk)

Curfew Imposed in Hopewell, Hanover, Following Increase Crime and Violence

A curfew has been imposed in and around Mcquarrie Drive in Hopewell, Hanover, due to a recent increase in crime and violence.

Deputy Superintendent of Police in Charge of Operations for the parish of Hanover, Peter Salkey, related that he is calling on citizens living within the boundaries of the curfew to corporate with the police, and assist them in any way they can to bring the offenders to justice.

The curfew which started approximately 4:00pm, on Wednesday, will remain in effect until 4:00pm, on Friday, but can also be extended.

It was imposed following the shooting death of one man, and the shooting and wounding of another, in the community on Sunday afternoon, August 6. The incident just minutes before a Peace March was slated to take place, and also after the march took place.

Another youth from the community was also murdered on Wednesday morning, along a section of the Moyhall main road in St James, and this shooting is said to be linked to the flare up in Hopewell community.

The dead man has been identified as 21-year-old Adrian Williams, otherwise called , ‘Rasta’ or ‘Bell Bell’, also of Mcquarrie Drive.

Reports by the Lucea police are are that about 3:00pm, on Sunday, Williams and another man known as Alex, got involved in an argument.  The accused brandished a handgun and shot Williams in the regions of his head, before driving away from the scene.

Williams was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The shooting and wounding of another man following shortly on Monday morning, about 10:00am, along Church Lane in Mcquarrie, which another youth from the same area was gunned down about 10:00am, on Wednesday.

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